Editing and Research Services

“Roberta edited my book, Emotional Medicine Rx, brilliantly. I could not be happier with her clarity and conscientiousness. Roberta also provided a much needed interface with the publisher, helping me understand what was needed when and why. Because Roberta is so intelligent and mindful, her insights into my writing were very useful. Whenever there was a deadline (and there were many,) Roberta did what ever was necessary to get the job done… Roberta’s presence during this editing/publishing process was steady, reassuring, professional and precise.”

–Penelope Young Andrade, therapist and author, www.emotionalmedicinerx.com

With a graduate degree in English and seven years experience assisting writers in researching, drafting, and polishing their books, I take a thorough and consistent approach to the craft of editing. I read (and listen, if meeting in person) carefully to the writer’s voice, then make suggestions based on their intent and my expertise.

This can take the form of drafting a piece from scratch, keeping track of your references for a bibliography, finding places in your manuscript where more detail or emphasis could be added, or simply undangling those modifiers or smoothing out some syntax.

Since 2005, I have assisted well-known author, artist and scholar Kaz Tanahashi in many levels of editing, from substantive to proofreading. Currently, I am helping him research a book on the demilitarization of Costa Rica, with the working title Breakthrough: Costa Rica. I also assisted with indexing his landmark work, Treasury of the True Dharma Eye: Master Dogen’s Shobo Genzo, and advised and edited on Sky Above, Great Wind: The Life and Poetry of Zen Master Ryokan, just out from Shambhala.

I hope to be of service to you, the writer, and maintain a deep, continual, and true connection with the magnificent and mysterious language that informs and connects us.

In general, I follow standard rates based on norms established by the Editorial Freelancers Association. Special rates are available to Mendocino County residents and businesses. Please contact me to discuss your interests and needs.